Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Howling Wolf of Watchmans Cry

Nathan Leal has been selling to he public an online that he Lives In Preist River, Idaho, The question remains, with what he is sending out does it really come from Idaho, and should be backed up by His ISP for his Website, and for his emails.
Some interesting Information has come to me, showing The Location, and it's very easy to see for yourself, what is this wolf doing deceiving The Sheepfold this way.

By what we see here, is a so called watchman making out that he is somewhere where he isn't, an is very possible a Dis-info Agent with this Evidence which Stands against him, where both should have confirmed Nathans Location to Idaho, as you see which it doesn't.

Monday, April 12, 2010

freeindeed:in forum and in Slewth

FreeIndeed is at it again being the old slew-foot in the forum of Nathan Leal getting bolder to even mentioning of knowing of his Anti-Isms Satanic Background as he makes reference once again of Nathan taking his bait on having him banned for a while before his return to Watchmans Cry.

It wonders me on how many more times he will lead many astray to his wolf in sheeps clothing appearance.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nathans Fashion Of Fascism.

After hearing the Latest of Nathans Audio Sermons through his website, it reminded me of a sermon that came out 2 years ago also on the topic of Fascism by someone who is Pro Israel called John McTernan.

Nathans Msg

John McTernan's Msg 2years before Nathans Msg on America in Fascism.
You will find Johns message covering it on Part 4 in his Message As America has done to Israel, the question is How Many More Messages, Has Nathan Leal used to Fashion His Ministry.
Also by sources within his forum, his wife is being used to Spying within other forums where Nathan Leal has been Invited to, plus on top of that Nathan Leals message covering the New Age wouldn't have happened without one his previously Banned Members bought it up recently an with such great fervor about it to see it exposed.