Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Ungodly Watchman:Seeking Wealth with Quayle.

  1. I have a question/observation here. I have listened to Steve Quayle off and on over the last 2 years and when I realized that all I was feeling was anxiety and fear, that was not of God. I got frankly tired of hearing all about ‘buy gold and silver’ and whatever other goods were needed because something was about to happen at any moment.
    Here lies a problem with Nathan Leal. He has now joined up with Steve Quayle and does a weekly show on Quayle’s site, and does some advertising also. That seems like some double mindedness to me. We are in days of great deception and my concern is that Leal is not ‘under’ a new mantle with Quayle and it makes it appear that the focus is on money rather than messages that will encourage and edify the church. It’s so much doom and gloom, which we already have heard plenty of.
    Just my observation and now I am a bit mistrusting of Nathan.
  2. randymaugans says:
    Given that Nathan Leal has now chosen to prostitute himself by joining Steve Quayle; that he is part of the fear-for-money machine; and that he lacks discernment regarding both Quayle and Benjamin Baruch, we have to re-evaluate the statements made by him and conclude that he also has sold out.
    While I do not any longer listen—to Nathan, or anyone else—I can’t comment on his radio show. I will say that a lying spirit and a religious spirit bind these host and their listeners and prevent them from moving beyond the fear. We have nothing to fear…we are to repent and love God, regardless of the times. Truth is: end times prophecy is just another business model; the spirit is of error and not truth.
    Randy Maugans
  3. Thomas says:
    I will call NAthan and ask him about his radio show on the survive2thrive network it is my understanding that Nathan is truly seeking the will of God.
  4. Thomas says:
    Randy I love your Show i would like to talk to you about being on it
    Email me please
  5. Thomas says:
    As for Benjamin he to is a personal friend and is misunderstood by many. all I have to say is that the message of the true watchmen and Prophets will be Vexation of the Soul to those who hear it. so if you are offended or vexed then perhaps it i time to take a spiritual inventory and examin yourselve to see weather you are of the faith. Oh by the way stop going to the Harlot Church and seek God outside of this False system of “Churches”
    Church defined. origen Saxxon = Kirk or Kirkus a circle often refered to the term Circus
    Eklesia origen GR = Called out ones ( called out By God for God)
    there is a Difference
  6. randymaugans says:
    If, as you say, Benjamin Baruch is a personal friend, ask him WHY he continues to teach false doctrine (as I outlined in the show), why he is not accountable for errors in his book…and HOW does he continue to operate INSIDE Babylon’s corrupt money system as a financial analyst for corporate churches. Also ask him to clarify numerous trips he made around the country flying first-class with an unidentified woman….?
    We are all familiar with the corrupt church system, but the so-called “remnant” are just as corrupt. Baruch regularly appears on Rick Wiles’ TruNews, which uses the phony dodge of a “Corporate Sole” entity to escape the 501(c)3 tag…Wiles, like Baruch, holds false doctrines, false prophetic spirit, and operates EXACTLY like the world inside the Babylon money system. Baruch has failed predictions, as does Wiles dating back to 1998…I don’t recall seeing a retraction or repentence.
    Randy Maugans
  7. Thomas says:
    First I want to thank you for the Info I have been off the Grid for a while.
    Perhapps I need to re evaluate my connections to those who are false or at the very least bringing out false predictions. you can call me and we will talk I will E Mail my Number to you if you Give me youe Address and we can discus this furhter
  8. Thomas says:
    Got off the Phone with Nathan and you know what. if I wear you I would listen to what he says he is correct and doing what God has Given him to do and he does it faithfully
  9. Laura says:
    The thing of it is Thomas, you state that Benjamin Baruch is “misunderstood by many”. Funny, upon challenging him in an email once, that is exactly the excuse I received by him, I “misunderstood” him. Man, I thought I spoke English fairly well, and understood equally as well. I am so sorry, but I do not buy this. Let your yays be yay, and your nays be nay. What is up with this “misunderstanding” thingy … a newfound loophole?
    Following man/”men” in these endtimes will prove to be the downfall of many, many souls. Trusting in THEM and THEIR WORDS and INTERPRETATIONS instead of the pure WORD of GOD (no twists and personal acrobatics) will prove to be an eternal mistake. His WORD is what it says. It is what it is. It says what it says. “Ministers” add to the WORD with their (personal) insanity all too often. And the people “love” it that way, because it feels good and costs them nothing to believe lies. Believing the truth will cost you.
    If “they” put it out there, “they” are subject to a Scriptural scrutiny, as long as that is where the scrutiny comes from. The Scriptures: the FINAL authority. Worship no man. (God is a jealous God.) Judge their words by THE WORD. The ONE TRUE Spirit of God will help you….1 John 2:27….
    “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”
    By His SPIRIT, says the LORD.
  10. Bill Aicardi says:
    It is one thing to have a false prophecy, you are not to fear them! But to ‘teach’ falsehoods is another thing. The Lord has given us plenty of witnesses to help us purify and sharpen our understanding. What Randy has written in all cases if true but many of you still cannot understand. If you watch associations on one man to another you will be enlightened a great deal. Then stand back and watch and listen and you find the false threads in their teachings. There is ‘no excuse’ for those who do not refine their understanding, they will stay where they are as God goes forward. I for one, have no patience with men who do not repent of their ‘mistakes’ or correct them so others can see. They are part of the delusion and are false teachers. The Holy Ghost leads into ALL TRUTH! Wake up – we are in the place we are today because of liars and thieves who steal what is Gods with their ‘false’ understanding or ‘blatant misleading’ of the body of Christ. There is a reason men do not recant and set the record straight – deceiving and being deceived. These are the men who cause division within the Body! MARK THEM
  11. bill johnson says:
    The main problem with the false prophets mentioned in the above posts is that they cannot rightly divide the word of God. Thus they are left to bet on a horse which is wearing a different number than what their own PRE CONCEIVED program says. The read on their program that Kelso is # 5. When in fact Kelso is really wearing #3 on the track. So they bet on # 5 (making future prophecy on Kelso) but it is not Kelso, it is some other nag. They got the wrong horse and the wrong jockey. Next post time the same thing happens again; they think they are betting on Dr. Fagar, but they got stuck with another nag in desquise.
    In other words they don’t know who is who in the bible. (identity crises).
  12. Drew Hamilton says:
    I’ve read all of these posts. I have listened to all of these men Benjamin, Xavier and Nathan. I have the spirit of God in me. The Spirit of God has spoken to me through all of these men. However, they are men and are subject to fleshly error. They would be the first to agree with me. However, I still love them in the Lord and extend God’s grace to them and I am appreciative of their boldness to speak. Thier words have confirmed what the Lord has been revealing to me for the last 30 years.
    However, I am suspect of the people who have issued these critical posts of them. I woud recommend that you all fast and pray and get close to the Lord and hear from the Lord himself. I have and what these men are preaching line up with what the Lord has been revealing to me through his Spirit.
    I would quote Matthew 5: 11-12 to these men.
    The day of the Lord begins at night, we are still in the night. Soon it will be day and these mens warnings will be validated.
    Drew Hamilton
  13. David says:
    Nathan Leal has completely sold out to become a full-blown survivalist on Steve Quayle’s show. But I never took any stock in what he said even before, because everything he ever said or posted on his website was about fear. I have never seen anyone so completely absorbed with and dedicated to spreading fear as this man is. He is a man who somehow thinks his calling is to incite as much fear as possible in the believers in today’s church. He calls that “waking people up.”
    Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of Scripture knows we are called to the high office of spreading the good news of the Risen Christ and the gospel to all corners of the world. Jesus never commissioned anyone to spread fear. We are told to not fear that which can only destroy the body, but to fear that which can destroy both body and soul in hell. Matt. 10:28
    Mr. Leal is a headline hunter who can hardly conceal his excitement as he reads the news of each new disaster in the headlines, explaining to us that we will be the next victims if we don’t get our act straightened out with God. I prefer to read the Bible, where I am assured that I am covered by the blood of Christ, and that whatever happens to my body is for the greater glory of God, and will pale in significance to the great glory that awaits all those who obey the will of the Father in heaven.