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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nathan Leal found on Recyling Old Visions.

With some of my recent research, I have found Nathan Leal Recyling the Visions of A.A. Allen in regards to his so called Statue of Liberty Visions he has supposedly been Having.
Statue of Liberty Drunk ...Read February 26, 2008
Liberty will be Decapitated! ...Read February 2, 2008 

When I found it to be very similar to A.A. Allens Vision  
A.A. Allen's Statue of Liberty vision
Who does he think he is trying to fool God, well he isnt doing too good a job with it.
From his Forum Favourtism, one of his members known to have links to Satanic Practices, an goodness knows how many more in there that Wolves in Sheeps Clothing, to Nathan Leals Favourite of Recyling Old Visions an calling them his own an of God......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Member of Nathans Forum, found in Practice of Satanism:Seeks Higher Satanic Rank

Upon some of my Research, of some of the members, i came across this found in: Click here to access the Satanism Today Blog!

Which was found on this blog article for comments, matching the member of someone of Nathans Forum, it has become a Whitewashed Tomb.

Why the WBC judgement is wrong. 

 It seems that Nathan has Let Satan into his House, an it would make sense of why there is so much favourtism in his forum.