Saturday, May 15, 2010

Profit Of Extortion.

it has come to my knowledge that this so called anointed man of God Nathan Leal, has asked money by listeners to help pay for his Daughters Dentist work, that crosses into extortion, which can be heard around Nathans Messages from 146 upwards.
well done brothers an sisters in Christ for helping support an Extortioner of the Word of God, instead of an exhorter of the Word Of God, as i find this Lack of Faith Disturbing.

would love more from idaho to back that up, not even the Idaho AOG have ever met him or heard of him.


answer is D said...

what is your name real name cult exposer?
a/ false witness
b/ accuser of the brethren
c/ slander
d/ all of the above


Anonymous said...

You are a coward!

Anonymous said...

certainly sounds like a long time member of the watchmans cry forum, an have definitely seen the favourtism in there, an i do remember hearing those broadcasts of where he asked for money, big lack of faith there

Anonymous said...

To "Answer is D"

Are you GOD? do you KNOW? i too have seen much of what he speaks out against on this forum, it is sick.

who is to say that you are not just one of the MODs trying to cover yourself?? Guilty Dog barks loudest. Self righteous Pharisee!

To Original Post:

I agree, one should never ask for money, especially in ministry. You are supposed to pray to the Lord about it and leave it solely in His hands. If a brother or sister then contacts you and offers money it is because the LORD laid it on their heart, NOT because you asked for it.

God will provide all our needs if we but rely on and in His NAME and POWER. HE alone may ask anyone in HIS family to bring the funds to the one in need. GLORY GOES TO GOD!!

Judson Pewther said...

After looking at Nathan Leal's hatchet job on Obama, I found this anagram:

Nathan Leal and The Watchman's Cry
Sly new charlatan and hatchet man.

For those of you who don't know what an anagram is, it is a meaningful rearrangement of the letters of the subject matter. Anyway, this one pretty well matches what I think of Nathan Leal and his website. I haven't looked at everything, but I do agree with his attack on the pre-trib rapture doctrine. Yep, that's pure bunk.

JW said...

I used to be a member of this forum because I was intrigued at first. Then I found some of the comments on there to be ridiculous. I began asking questions on some things. My screen name wasn't a pretty christian name. Nathan eventually banned me from the site. All this meant is that I could no longer post on there.

I go back from time to time to see what is going on. Lots of scare tactics done in the name of God on there. I don't understand why some do not get scolded for some of the remarks they make.


Anonymous said...

JW: I was banned from there, also. I noticed that recently Larry was banned and someone named Vince. I am sure there are others. I was banned for my opinion about a news article they posted which was degrading and slanderous about women, when I spoke up I was banned, no warning, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as the "Idaho Assembly of GOD".

That is not how the AOG works. So you are again bearing false witness.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading some of your accusations, and I will not say you are right or wrong on some of the stuff, only God knows the real truth and that truth will be at the day of judgment between God and "whoever". What I do have to say is that I live in Priest River, Id and have for 7 yrs. Recently, I have met Donna and Nathan and enjoy their company and Nathans knowledge of the Bible. They are very loving to us and have helped us through praying in several different situations. We do not and have not ever gave them money. If nothing else, they are extremely helpful to anyone around and never asking anything in return. Be careful who you judge, for you will be judged the same.


Anonymous said...

I attended the Idaho AOG, yes it might have a different name, but its still apart of the AOG organization, an never heard of this charlatan nathan leal

Anonymous said...

There is NO Idaho AOG. They are not set up that way. The AOG's are set up by region. YOU ARE A LIAR.

GOD HATES liars.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So we should never ask for help,right. Children should suffer in silence, is that what you mean? We should keep everything to ourselves?

Well except, the Bible says give to him who asks of you!

David said...

I too was banned from the watchmans forum. I was told it was for "lack of fellowship", but it really was for exposing a false prophet with whom he had a business relationship.

I have lost count but I think its over a dozen people now that I have run across on various forums and blogs who have been banned and censored from speaking their views on that forum.

The same people we see here in these comments calling those opposed to Watchmanscry "liers and slanderers" are the same ones who make up the main core of regular posters on his forum. I don't believe a true prophet would need crude retaliatory outbursts from anyone to back them up, nor would a true prophet feel the need to silence anyone.

Deep down inside these defenders sense that he is not a real prophet, and sense the need to protect him. A true prophet speaks 100 percent accurately, and is entirely specific and accurate down to the smallest detail, obviously because the information is coming from God.

God is not contradictory or ambiguous in any way. You merely need to search the man's archives and listen to his past broadcasts to see clearly that the information he presents as being from God is full of holes, contradictions, and inaccuracies.

The swine flu epidemic was God's judgment on America??? Yes, I am sure he got that item directly from God. (sarcasm intended here.)

David said...

Comet Elenin just self-destructed. See article here:

Now the whole thing about comet Elenin being some kind of "Endtime Destroyer" like Nathan Leal was saying for weeks, is exposed to be yet another falsehood spread by this bogus ministry.

Just rack this up along with the swine flu scare, the prophecy about famine coming to America as a result of the Gulf Oil Spill, the list goes on and on. One false prophecy after the other, all given to us in the name of the Lord God Almighty, by this blaspheming profiteer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how one can be against a pre-trib rapture, but still celebrate a pagan holiday as christmas or easter...and defend it to the core!

justseekingtruth said...

Anonymous Nov. 4...I was one of the ones banned along with Vince and another. We stood for what we felt and I must say, Donna was absolutely vicious in her emails to me. I had asked to be removed, deleted, but instead of granting my request, I was banned and that made it look like I had really done something wrong. Her remarks to me when I went to log in again shortly after to again make a request...'banned, like I have to tell you.' Seriously, is that a Chistian way? And I thought the man was supposed to be in charge according to Donna. The whole thing made me ill and I want no part of it.

Anonymous said...

Mat 5:42 "Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away.

Luk 6:30 "Give to everyone who asks of you. And from him who takes away your goods do not ask [them] back.

Luk 6:31 "And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

I guess that sums it up.

Anonymous said...

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