Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Member of Nathans Forum, found in Practice of Satanism:Seeks Higher Satanic Rank

Upon some of my Research, of some of the members, i came across this found in: Click here to access the Satanism Today Blog!

Which was found on this blog article for comments, matching the member of someone of Nathans Forum, it has become a Whitewashed Tomb.

Why the WBC judgement is wrong. 

 It seems that Nathan has Let Satan into his House, an it would make sense of why there is so much favourtism in his forum.


Hondo said...

No doubt, just look at all the posts encouraging this guy to buy weapons for the purpose of killing someone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah and whats really sadder still is that after pouring his guts out about his kid, he's been banned too!

Anonymous said...

I just created a web forum called Watchmen's Joy to help expose the false prophet Nathan Leal and to counter act the damage being done at his site. My forums address is http://watchmensjoy.lefora.com/

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone is finally creating a forum where others can talk about WCF freely! That forum and the admins nearly did me in!

Anonymous said...

That forum made me question "Pentecostalism." I was on there for a year as a young Christian. I left God for a year and now I am back. Looking from things on the outside, it is really sad how people want this world to end so bad, many are gullible.

Anonymous said...

Contd...from my comment above. I believe in the gifts of the spirit, but many things have to be discerned. I checked out the Forum today and a post was called " the weather weird or just me?" Many people are looking for things under the rocks and bushes."

Garry Umphress said...

Heard WCF on Lyn Leaz recently and hopped to his web site and popped in to the forum.

My spirit told me that he had some of the elements of a prophet except there was a slight check in the fact that he used a lot more words than what was necessary to share and make valid points as to God's heart and mind in this current hour.

I believe he in part is or has heard from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. HOWEVER, while visiting the forum a comment was shared about the comments which had been made. I replied to them by posing a question. The question was about how many of those who had commented had received all of the four baptisms of the Holy Spirit.

This set off a fire storm and a significant push back erupted with a knee jerk response that I was a crack pot. It got the attention of the forum and especially the moderators. I shared a bit more ofered an apology and linked the forum to what I believe is a real Apostle. Sam Soleyn who has FREE yes I said Free Apostolic teachings. The link was to his teaching on the four baptisms of the Holy Spirit.

The response from out of the forum did not change and another manifestation came against me from the moderator. Another apology was offered and a quote from the Soleyn site was sent back with a focus on two aspects which the holy Spirit showed me. They were appropriate head covering and submission.

I skipped to another topic and left a comment about the nation of Israel and the Sanhedrin.
The response that came back was that I had a problem with women, was anti semitic and was out of order. It ended with a statement that WMC was a staunch defender of Zionism and that I was anti Zionist.

OK for all of those who are being led or drawn out of what we know as Christian religion it is time to wake up and finally smell what is really in the wind of hundreds if not thousands of ministries.

It is a very small minute thing called levin. It is called man's doctrine.

Here is a link which can, will and should alert those who either are aware or thnk they are aware of this kind of levin.

Zionism roots are the fruits of denominational ministry. This fruit can only be described as Masonry. Masons are in each and every 501_c3 non profit corporation or denomination. Yes even the local AOG as well as their international roots.

Yeah I know say it ain't so! It operates in the shadows and can be barely discerned by the human spirit. However here is an article which can aid the reader to gain more depth on the degree of it's deception.

There are hundreds if not thousands of real deal ministries which offer tried and true assistance and prayer to get those who are so led free of the tentacle of the octopus of Satan.

Zionism and Christian Masonic entanglements are some of the more drastic barriers to a believer's true knowledge and wisdom in the Holy Spirit.

Here is a real deal link for Masonic as well as the Soleyn teaching about the 4 baptisms.



If anyone reading and have questions or need to hear personal testimony or require prayer trunorthidaho@gmail.com.

Pray for WCM that they be set free from the deception that the enemy of God has blinded them to.

A servant

Garry Umphress said...

follow up re Zionism


a must read

And one needs to pray to get confirmations.

Or those who are mature in the faith who hear from the Holy Spirit. With two or more witnesses.

Garry Umphress said...

More 411 re Zionism


Let me add if you have any European roots in your ancestry and sense that you are or have a block in the Spirit or even better have not ever known the Holy Spirit read this article and than double back to Soleyn and pray to receive the Holy Spirit.

Always be led and never driven as chances are it will not be Jesus who is driving.