Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Howling Wolf of Watchmans Cry

Nathan Leal has been selling to he public an online that he Lives In Preist River, Idaho, The question remains, with what he is sending out does it really come from Idaho, and should be backed up by His ISP for his Website, and for his emails.
Some interesting Information has come to me, showing The Location, and it's very easy to see for yourself, what is this wolf doing deceiving The Sheepfold this way.

By what we see here, is a so called watchman making out that he is somewhere where he isn't, an is very possible a Dis-info Agent with this Evidence which Stands against him, where both should have confirmed Nathans Location to Idaho, as you see which it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Lies. Shame on you for slandering a brother in Christ. I just visiting the Leals in their home IN IDAHO 2 weeks ago. At least one other brother I know of has also visited them IN IDAHO at their home. I pray you find repentance.

Anonymous said...

They say ignorance is bliss but in this case your ignorance about how the internet works shows a slanderous spirit at work here at this site.

For the facts see and you will find Nathan's info from Colorado and it is open information on his site that he recently moved from Colorado to Northern Idaho.

The snapshot of the supposed info of Watchman's Cry is of the Loopback address of the main Domain Name Servers based in California. If you weren't in such a hurry you would have read the the title owners of that loopback IP address.

I know Nathan personally and I know him to truly be a man seeking after the one true God's heart. Also I have a personal phone number of Nathan with an Idaho area code, but that right I guess he has one of those Magic Jacks that plugs into his computer back at nsa.

Sorry for getting sarcastic, it's just that I wanted to bring it up before the enemy put something like that in your mind.

Please repent and remove this slander and let the Lord Jesus remove this bitterness from your heart. Because if you are really looking to do the will of God then you are barking up the wrong tree here.

God bless

Anonymous said...

This Nathan Leal has also asked money from people to help pay for his daughters dentist work, that's a Profit of Extortion

Anonymous said...

You are a liar and a coward

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I really believe the Holy Spirit will give the person discernment in knowing if this person is a true prophet of God or not. To me he seems genuinely interested and passionate about getting the most current news to his audience for our preparation...not only will HE have to stand BEFORE GOD one day...but YOU WILL TOO!! Be careful how you present your brother in Christ to the public!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, really? SO WHERE DOES HE LIVE? California?
Ney York? Why would he lie about that?

Anonymous said...

One commentor said: "To me he seems genuinely interested and passionate about getting the most current news to his audience for our preparation..."

Yes, but does he present himself as a newsman? I think not. He presents himself as an annointed special messenger of God, and then proceeds to deliver stuff to us that could not possibly be from God, (i.e., things that do not happen as stated.)

You simply have to toss out much of Scripture to not understand the seriousness and blasphemy of falsely quoting God. I think its clear that God issued the Third Commandment to make it clear that He takes His Word very seriously and we are NEVER to misquote Him.

Prophecy is not something a person can just "take a shot at", like throwing darts at a dart board and hoping some of the darts land somewhat close to the bullseye.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the poster of this lie has not repented. By the posts above and the address listed on the Watchman's Cry sight you have been proven a false witness and a slander.

Anonymous said...

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